Perfect Your Manuscript Perfect Your Manuscript Pre-Submission Peer Review Service. Don’t wait months for a journal to review your paper. Get a peer review in a week with our services.

Our reviewers and editors are experts in your field and have published in top journals. They will provide you with a comprehensive and unbiased review of your paper.

Our peer review

service offers these

additional features
  • A quick and efficient evaluation

    Get a fast and thorough review of your paper in less than a week by our expert reviewers, instead of waiting weeks for a journal reviewer’s comments.

  • Significant revisions

    Our specialists prioritize the suggested modifications according to their importance, so you can address the most critical issues.

  • Expertise in a certain field

    The review consists of specific trigger questions that prompt our reviewers to examine every possible aspect of your research, from the study design to the data analysis.

  • Revision Support

    Access guidance on addressing reviewer comments and refining your manuscript for resubmission.

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Over 95% of researches believe that Pre-submission Peer Review Service improved the quality of their last published paper by identifying scientific errors and missing and inaccurate references.


Effortless Excellence

Streamlined Steps for Swift and Effective

Pre-Submission Peer Review!
  • Appointment Scheduling

    Initiate the process by booking an appointment for our pre-submission peer review service, providing essential manuscript details.

  • Reviewer Selection

    Choose up to three expert reviewers aligned with your research area, ensuring a focused and tailored evaluation.

  • Swift Manuscript Evaluation

    Undergo a comprehensive review within a week, receiving a detailed technical report highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and improvement suggestions.

  • Prioritized Revisions

    Address critical issues first, guided by our specialists who prioritize suggested modifications based on their significance.

  • Resubmission Guidance

    Receive ongoing support for addressing reviewer comments and refining your manuscript, increasing its chances of acceptance through strategic revisions.

What Our Client Say.

Working with Black Ink Publisher felt like having a supportive partner in my research journey. The dedication and passion they put into my project made all the difference.

What Our Client Say.

Black Ink Publisher went beyond being just a service provider they became my academic ally. The care they took in understanding my dissertation goals and the finesse they added to my writing truly shaped the success of my PhD journey.

What Our Client Say.

In the academic world, it's rare to find a service that not only meets but exceeds expectations. BlackInk Publisher's commitment to excellence and the personal touch they bring to each project make them stand out. A reliable partner indeed!

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