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Redefine your manuscript's potential with our expert editorial support. Elevate your research through our Resubmission Journal Service, where our skilled editors provide tailored assistance for a successful and impactful manuscript resubmission.

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Rejected Manuscript?

Blackink Publishers Expert Editors

Will Enhance Your Paper and Guide You to Resubmit to Other Journals.
  • Step 1: Identify another journal that is suitable for your paper’s topic, scope, and quality. Check the journal’s submission guidelines and format your paper accordingly.
  • Step 2: Write a cover letter that explains why you are resubmitting your paper to this journal, how your paper fits the journal’s aims and scope, and how you have addressed the previous reviewers’ comments (if any).
  • Step 3: Submit your paper and cover letter to the journal’s online submission system. Follow the instructions and provide the required information and documents.
  • Step 4: Wait for the journal’s decision and respond to any queries or requests from the editor or reviewers. If your paper is accepted, follow the journal’s publication process.


Elevate Your Manuscript


Expert Support and Strategic Guidance!

  • Thorough Manuscript Evaluation:

    Our expert team conducts a meticulous review of your manuscript, identifying areas for improvement and providing constructive feedback to enhance overall quality.

  • Strategic Revision Guidance:

    Receive targeted guidance on how to address reviewer comments and refine your manuscript, ensuring alignment with the standards and expectations of the target journal.

  • Language and Style Refinement:

    Benefit from language and style enhancements to elevate the clarity and coherence of your manuscript, making it more compelling and engaging for reviewers.

  • Unlimited Re-Editing Support:

    Enjoy unlimited rounds of re-editing to fine-tune your manuscript until it meets the highest standards, guaranteeing that your resubmission stands out for its excellence.

  • Journal-Specific Formatting:

    Our team ensures your manuscript adheres to the specific formatting requirements of your target journal, saving you time and ensuring a polished, professional appearance that aligns seamlessly with the journal's guidelines.

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Working with Black Ink Publisher felt like having a supportive partner in my research journey. The dedication and passion they put into my project made all the difference.

What Our Client Say.

Black Ink Publisher went beyond being just a service provider they became my academic ally. The care they took in understanding my dissertation goals and the finesse they added to my writing truly shaped the success of my PhD journey.

What Our Client Say.

In the academic world, it's rare to find a service that not only meets but exceeds expectations. BlackInk Publisher's commitment to excellence and the personal touch they bring to each project make them stand out. A reliable partner indeed!

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